CVM-11 Avongara Asuma
Born and bred in DR Congo by the Zande tribe!

DOB: 20081119, reg. nr. ER11209/10

He is owned by Helena Myyryläinen, Kennel Furahan, Finland.
He is available for a few breedings in Sweden, please contact Mia,

Fanconi DNA marker test: probably clear
Eyes: PPM-minor, 20100819
Thyroid: normal
PKD: clear
Hips: A/B

Samuel has started his lure coursing career and done very well.
He was 3rd at the Finnish Championships 2010.
He won a competition in Helsinki with CC.

Mia och Gali och Helena och Samuel

"Samuel" is a sweet and loving boy who shows his yodeling expertise quite often. He lives with three boys Ali, Nelson and
now also little Sawa, Gali's son with Jarrah. He is so happy to have a play mate since the older boys are not that keen on
playing with a "wild thing" from Congo. He has the most striking coat and colour and hopefully he will throw that to his kids
 to be in the future. He has lovely angulation and good bone and feet.

Asuma augusti 2008


He is a keen courser!

The first sight! When he was found out in the bush!

Asuma was sighted from the car. We just screamed, a tri!!!! puppy. Out of the car we jumped and little Asuma was trotting on in the distance.
He didn't want to be caught and just disappeared in the dense bush. It was two older basenjis there as well and a red puppy. We wanted the
tri but he was nowhere to be seen. The red puppy looked really good so we bought him and he is Kitoko. Ok, on we went down the path and
did see a few more nice pups. On the way back when we came to the place where we got Kitoko, people were standing and holding the tri boy!
He had come back and the people had him and of course we bought him!

In Congo with John Valk and us, Mia and Lasse and his friend Gali.