The school in Epi, DR Congo
New raffle for the school is running!

Contact or tel: 073-615 05 46, if you want to participate in the raffle.
Donations are also welcome!


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The trip to Epi 2013

John Valk goes every January to the school to pay salaries and deliver things. He goes by motorbike together with a young man working for him.
Motorbike or bike or actually walking is the way to travel in Congo, roads are not so great so that is the easiest. It is dry season right now but this
year, he said, their enemies were rain, mud and gravel. Here are some gorgeous pictures from his trip.

This is a map of Congo just by the Sudanese border. John travels from Isiro up to Epi (marked in red "Skolan")

All the children at school and their teachers say THANK YOU!!!

The teachers and John Valk

The children in school and you can see the roofs need some mending, now 62 out of 132 roofsheets are bought, then when all are bought they need to buy timber and
organize the transport from Isiro to the school. If you look at how the roads look you can understand all the effort which needs to be inevsted to get everything there.



The fire in the night                                         and                                                    a brick factory



The borassus palm, the orange fruit has the nut in it from which the hunting bell is made.

Chief Bitima from Poko

The nurse and his little helpers! :-))                                                                                          

A bell made by the Zande's, one bell made by the pygmés and a Yanda statue.

John and all his orphans!

The contrast between Congo and our world and way of living is so overwhelming: Just think of all the work that has to be done
to just get your day functioning. Carry about 40 l of drinking water every day. Then heat up 100-200 l of water for washing and
that over an open fire when it already is 35-40°C. Then the water is filled up in a barrel and a tube down so you can have a nice
shower. John also has 22 orphans whom he takes care of. There is no mail service in Congo so you either deliver yourself by a
bike, motorbike or you walk!

So please everybody, buy raffle tickets or give a small donation, every dollar makes a difference for these children. Just to learn
to read and to learn French makes a lot of difference for the future for these children.