Fjällen 2007 / The Mountains 2007

We were up in the Transtrand's mountains august 4-11.

Follow us! Hope you will enjoy the tour.

It was great to have five experienced basenjis with us, they knew how to behave on the trails and they didn't use energy if not needed.
They walked with us, they rested with us, they ate with us and they enjoyed every single minute of it.
The Basenjis are Fagge, Gaia, Taimi, Chika and Jarrah, age span almost 11 to 4 years.
Hiking with my basenjis like this is one of the best things in life and I hope some of you will take the opportunity to the same.


Day 1.
First tour was up Flat mountain and it was a lovely day with sunshine and warm weather. The dogs were happy and eager to walk but showed how experienced there were. A few birds had to be hunted but after two rushes they knew it was no point is using energy for that.
We were looking for cloud berries, called The Gold of the North in Sweden, but this year was a bad year for them. These mountains had a snowfall in June and the flowers froze and for the few ones surviving there were no insects.
Taimi also showed how she is very seriuos in taking over Mayi's job as the compass. She was always very alert and was checking every choise of trail and when it was time to walk back to the car it was just to follow her. She told us emediately if we were on the wrong course.
Taimi also showed a very intelligent way to get some cold during the hot days. She dug holes or she found black moist dirt to lay on and she found shade everywhere. A true little surviver.











































Day 2.
Next tour was the Sal Valley, one of the most beautiful places. It is a very steep valley with very big rocks on the bottom. The way in consists of small ponds with a very lush vegetaion and a lot of running water and also very often a lot of mosquitos, not this year happily enough. The rocks are for 2 km and you have to watch every step carefully. The dogs are good and they take their time, sometimes they go higher up and walk among the blueberries. Taimi's choise of trail is always good to follow. Chika was like a little weasel jumping up and down with ease.
This day we didn't find any more water except from the ponds in the beginning so we had to share our water with the dogs. It was very dry and hard on their feet. On the way down we realised that Chika and Gaia had some problems and they had really sour feet, almost with no skin left. Everything  was so dry and mosses and lichens were like razorblades.

I picked blueberries on the way and they were sweet and nice, especially those on top of the mountains which have been standing in the very bright sun and long hour light.

After examining the dog's feet we decided they needed a day's rest after this. Luckily enough the rain came during the night so everything was nice and soft again. So day three the dogs rested, they only had a short walk in the valley, and it was good for the oldies as well to rest their muscles.




























































































































Day 4.
Next tour was Dog Mountain and "The Wall"! The Wall is the steepest part of Dog Mountain and here they have speed skiing in the winter, World Cup events.
We started off with our waterbottles in the hands and started climbing. How easy it is for the dogs while we at the steepest parts need both hands and feet to get up.
We were well prepared with rain gear and boots but the rain didn't hit. The sky was beatufully dramatical and the light changed all the time.
Up on the top it is quite flat and here we looked for cloud berries again and we did find some. You can just dream about pancakes with whipped cream and cloudberry jam :-))
I picked a full bucket of blueberries as well and they were super sweet.











































































The last tour was on a very foggy day and we really thought it was going to rain. We walked in the mist and it was very, very humid.
We have one of our very "safe" places for cloudberries on this mountain and it didn't fail us, even though we didn't find that many but in the end of the day we had about two litres and that was much for this year.
In the afternoon the mist left and the sun broke through and we had a few hours of very nice walking and some lovely rests in the sun together with our lunch and coffee.




Flatfjället / Flat mountain

Fagge and his master, they share everything :-))

Mia and all five

Taimi among the dwarf birches

Saldalen / Sal valley

The way in, in the valley

Taimi in the jungle :-))

Our friends Eva and Lasse, another Lasse :-))

It is hard for both dogs and humans and you need to look carefylly where you put your feet.

Picking blueberries

It was very, very hot and we had to share the water with the dogs, we didn't find any ponds that day.

Yeah, finally out! We want to rest and DRINK!
Normally it is a pond here but this year it has been so dry up here so no water.

Five "dead" dogs! Check out Taimi's cool place!

A well deserved rest after Saldalen and almost up on Lillnärfjället!

We are tired!

Hundfjället / Dog Mountain

On the way up

Almost on the top.
It was a dramatical weather that day but we didn't get any rain :-))




Like two little rabbits

Taimi, Jarrah, Fagge, Chika and Gaia on Dog Mountain

Another little rest and look at the dogs, they are never far.

Into the mist, Lägerdalsfjället!

Look at the bucket! Almost full with cloudberries.

The last resting place!

Fagge the old man!