Rackarungarna / The Rascals

Our R-litter is here!
Born the 13th of November 2011, 1 boy and 5 girls
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                   We have also got our names and our own pages!
the boy, bush tea, inspired by The First Ladie's Detective Agency
the tree "rönn", the European Mountain Ash, red nice berries
meaning superior
the fungi "rynkad tofsskivling" or "rimskivling" nowadays
false acacia or locust tree
 meaning a dream in Swahili

Please Mum, I want also!

Ok, we have to steal the best then! Mum really doesn't want us to that but to get the chewie
she had to accept it :-)))

We have got collars with a bell on. Some of us are moving to wolf country!

7 weeks old







New Years Eve! All dogs did well and none did show any reactions for the terrible fireworks
which always are on the agenda this evening. It sounded like bombers came rolling in!

Mum is still giving them deserts after their meals but it is lesser and lesser.

Life is full of activities, a lot of people visiting, we are going out every day, we practise with collars and
we play and run, more every day. Now just a little more than a week before they start to move out!

With Fagge, the old boy!

One obstacle less to overtake! :-)
Like small children, suddenly they managed to jump up on the box!


Robinia and Rowan

Six weeks old

Six weeks and ears are almost up! Who is missing?

Life is full of play and exploring. Now they have taken the hall as well with all the shoes, leads and towels for dirty feet.

Five weeks old!

It is getting crowded!

Klas.                                                               Rowan

Ruqaya                                                                                          Ruya


Practising for Christmas!



Sara and my colleague Barbro always come for a puppy visit!

Odens familj på besök!


Vi övar lite!

This is my "dad"!

OK, I can sleep here then!

Come on kids, no fighting! Mum has something for you! :-))

With a little help from my friends!

"Puppy soup" all over but mum's milk is the best! :-))

Three weeks




Now we are almost three weeks old and we are exploring but it is very tirering!




We have open our eyes!!


Puppy feet! Showing pigmentation!

Help! First time out on the floor!

The milkbar has moved! Why is it suddenly so high up?

Vi är nu två veckor! / We are now two weeks!

Trångt börjar det bli men Gali vill ha dem i sin "lya"!
It is getting crowded but Gali wants them in her den!


We have also started to play!


Thank you Kas and Kim for this lovely picture!


We are now one week old! / Nu är vi en vecka!

Sleeping positions are very different! :-))

Number one and two

Pigment is also on its way on the noses and also on the pads, you see small black spots.

Number two

Number three, the boy

Number four

Number five

Number six

Number one and four

Gali gave birth to one boy and five girls, all red and white


#1, ♀

#2, ♀

#3, ♂

#4, ♀

#5, ♀

#6, ♀