Valpar födda 16 december/Puppies born 16 December

"Vildingarna" / "The Vild ones"

Verna, Vinca, Vallmo and Vide

Our names:
Verna - is to honour our mother Verna who loved the dogs and was very engaged in Gali, our Congo princess!
Vinca - latin for Vinca minor, from the Oleander family and the Springer spaniel we had was Oleander "Nerium"
Vallmo - poppy in English
Vide - willow in English and his new owner is an arborist :-)

Verna, Vinca, Vallmo och Vide 5v

1 boy and 3 girls

Rob's, Yulara Rooibos, and Stella's, Ch Yulara Stellaria,
health results

Stella's health:
Ögon/eyes: 2014 UA/clear
Fanconi: fri/clear
Hips: A=excellent
PRA-BJ1: clear/normal

Rob's health:
Ögon/eyes: 20131024 UA/clear
Fanconi: fri/normal
Hips: A=excellent

PRA-BJ1: clear/normal