Basenjipromenad på Djurgården i höstfärger den 10 oktober 2009!
Basenji walk in Stockholm, Djurgården!
We had guests from New Zealand so I will write in English!

Participants today were, Tjapp, Taariq, Oden, Kiko, Jack, Morris, Jarrah, Gali, Taimi, Nike and Nooni.

We met at Gärdet where the Basenjis could let off some steam and have fun before we took off for the
boat club where we were promised coffee!

The surprice of the day was Oden, who had come all the way from New Zealand to live in
Sweden! He is a really nice and well behaved Basenji boy it was a pleasure to meet.

The dogs had a ball meeting all the other dogs and could run and play and even chase some horses!

By Djurgårdskanalen!

We were not disappointed! Coffee and applecake!

Taariq med Corinna och Tove!

Kiko och Jesper med Cornelia och Jack med matte Petra

Petra och Uffe

Bosse och Rigmor, Amanda och Daniel och Marion och Michael                                     Jesper och Cornelia

Värdparet Ann Catrin och Rickard med Tjapp!

Marion and Michael and "Oden" from New Zealand!

Morris med Pablo och Therese!

Lilla Nike, Yulara Nyarinda!

It was a lovely sunny day when Stockholm showed the most beautuful side of itself!
Colours were fantastic and the water nice and calm. I think both two and four legged
were satisfied after the day out! Thank you Rickard and Ann Catrin for suggesting this
lovely walk and for the lovely cake and coffee! We meet again in November.
Information about the next walk will soon be up.