The American Basenji Specialty in Gettysburg 2012
Pictures by Mia and Lars Lwbeer, Gary Dluzeski and Laurel Gregory
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Pippi and Gali with their ribbons, 17 in total! :-)) plus the trophies.

Pippi in the BOB final run


With Tricycle up at the cabin

Gali after the fun night! She won Best Tail wagger, was 2nd in Best Yodeler and 3rd in Best Trick.

Hmmm, how did this happen! :-))
I was already overwhelmed!

Gali and Pippi with their obedience ribbons

Gali ready to start

Reveille Trip The Light Fantastic
Winner of Sweeps BBE puppy

Reveille Ballerina

Pippi 4th ASE 1/2 New African

Tricycle's two cute sons


A crazy idea was planted in my head during the early months of 2012. I was going to USA and the Specialty and I would bring Gali and Pippi with me. AND, we were going to enter in different events! So what to enter? I thought we go for it all so we started to practice more obedience, more physical and much more mental training. We were going to be prepared, both for the flight over and to be as competivie we could be in the performing events. So I entered us in different obedience classes, we competed in LC, we did a lot of biking and running plus long walks every day. Finally July was here and we were as ready as ready can be and 6th of July we took the flight to Washington and were met by Reveille and Basenji Park. Gali was happy to meet Gail and Gary again, her family when she was in US before she could come home.
We also brought John Valk with us from Holland so he could come and visit all the Basenjis and give a speech about Congo and how it is to live there.

We had some lovely days at Reveille to start with to get a little adjusted to the time and THE HEAT!!!! It was almost a record for that area so were we hot or not!! Thank you Damara and Jane for the always so pleasant stay and your hospitality, I just love your place!

Gali as a puppy! :-))

Linda Siekert who is absolutely amazing in what she has done
and accomplished with her dogs. I think she won every class
she was entered in, agility, obedience and rally!

Day 1. Obedience and Rally-O
Judge Nacny K Withers

Were we nervous? Oh yeah, I watched all the others and they were all so good. Pippi was first of mine and she did ok, but not her best, on the heel work, but the rest was better. It was my first attempt on the US system so I did mistakes but the judge was very kind and told me that, so I could do better when I was in with Gali. Pippi came out with qualifying points, so was I happy. Wow!
Gali also did a lousy heel work but again the rest was better so she also came out with qualifying points. We were only three competitors in our class with qualifiers so I was really happy and they were placed, Gali 2nd and Pippi 3rd. My goal was already fulfilled, we had won ribbons and we were going to have our pictures taken by the official photographer :-))

Rally-O started after a short brake and again I watched the others and their dogs and they were sooo good. Pippi was first again and she was really with me this time and performed very well and again she came out with qualifying points. I made a mistake at one station so some points cut off there but the judge told me so I would not do it again with Gali. It was one excersise where you have to pause before you go on and I didn't do that. :-)) Gali was really on the go and did a beautiful round and the judge said it was excellent. I was just so thrilled. We were three qualifiers in this class and Gali won with lovely 98p out of 100 and Pippi was 2nd with 95p.

Worth the trip, as the judge said to me :-))

In the evening it was Fun night and I had entered the dogs in several classes but decided to only take Gali in a few of them. Lure coursing was on the program for the next day so I felt the dogs needed a rest. But Gali had a ball and did very well in all her fun classes and won the Best tail wagger title!!

Day 2. Lure coursing
Judges Cindy van Vliet and Dean Wright

Early morning and it was already very hot! A lot of new experiences for us. How it was run, the colors of the jackets, the run itself with the line going round and round and that they run in three than in pairs as we do here in Sweden. Pippi was first out and I was very excited to see how she would run. She took off as usual and did run very nice, she tripped on the line once and then she knew the line was there. Gali was next and she thought she made a short cut but it was on the contrary :-)) but she soon catched up and did run nice as well. A lot of lovely runs but soon results came up and Pippi was in the lead. Wow that was exciting!!
Since the line goes round it was no waiting so all went fast. Just a short brake and then it was time for the second run. Pippi did again a great job and got a lot of lovely applauses and cheering. It was very very hot. We were using cooling jackets which were laying in icebuckets and the dogs panted like never before. But pulse got down quickly and soon they were ready again.
Pippi did win the second run as well so she was in the lead, had already won the open stake with a 5 point major but was now going to run for the Best of Breed. I was so nervous, just hoping she would do well again, and YES she did a fabulous last run. She looked so strong and fit! Gali also had to run a run-off for 4th and 5th place. Now a long wait until we finally got the results and yes "The winner is..... Pippi, all the way from Sweden". I was thrilled! This was way over my expectations, it felt unreal! Gali was 4th in open and also got a point.
Thank you all for the lovely cheering and congrats after Pippi's win and thank you for the lovely plate I got "For lure coursing competitor from farthest away" donated by Nancy Roisum, and for the wonderful trophy donated in the memory of  Pat Cramer.

The run-off for BOB

BOB ribbon, blue ribbon = 1st place and white ribbon = 4th place

Day 3. Sweepstakes and African Stock Exhibition
Judges Carrie Jones and Kim Byrd

We were entered in ASE so had the morning off. Sweeps first and we were thrilled that Archie, Reveille Walz Me Around, won puppy sweeps and his brother Trip won his class BBE (Bred By Exhibitor). Sister Ballerina was 4th in her class.

A quick lunch and then it was time for us. Gali was first out in the ring and showed like a pro! She did very well and won her class. Then it was Pippi's turn and she placed 4th in her class. So we are so pleased with our achievements. We were done now, no more competitions but we won or placed in everything we had entered in.

Pippi BOB LC, 2nd in Rally-O, 3rd in Obedience and 4th in ASE.
Gali won Rally-O, 2nd in Obedience, 1st in ASE and 4th in LC.
Gali also won best Tailwagger, 2nd in Yodeler and 3rd Best Trick.
Could we ask for more! :-))

During the week it is a lot of meetings, seminars (which I attended three) and in between you have to eat and walk dogs and it was hot, hot! Friday it was the Top 25 competition, a competition for invited dogs in the top ranking in the breed. Saturday evening it was the banquet and the auction!
Judging went on for three days for the conformation and on Sunday it was time for BOB. A lot of lovely dogs. A spectacular sight to see all the 77 dogs in the ring at the same time.

Thank you all for running a great national, it was so nice to meet up with old friends and meet new ones. The committe for always have a smile on their faces to meet every question I had and for helping out with the helpless Swede when she got lost in system :-)) It will be a National I will never forget!

BOB "Winston"

After the show we went with Gail and Gary to BasenjiPark, Gali's first home after Congo, and it was great to see how she recognised herself and that she remembered the dogs she had played with, especially Willy and Jasper.

Gali and Pippi with Willy and Jasper

We ended the trip with hiking on the Appalachian trail. It was so hot and humid and I was worried for the dogs, but they handled this with ease. Small creeks did run along the trail so they could both go in or just drink. I think I have never been soaked in sweat like this before. Most of the trail was under the trees so at least we had some shade but the temperature went up to almost 100F (36C).
This was a perfect way to end the trip. Dogs got proper excersise as well as we :-)) We had a lovely stay with Gail and Gary and never have I appreciated the air conditioning as much as we did now. You did eat inside, even if the BBQ was done outside, felt strange for us outdoor Swedes who always want to sit outside if possible.
Thank you Gail and Gary for the perfect end of a lovely trip and for helping out in every way we needed.



Gali and Pippi watching the deers at Reveille

Our crates after day 1 :-))

Gali and Pippi with their rally ribbons

Pippi's last "kill" :-)) They have three bags on the line
so each dog can have their own prey.

My best Pippi! :-))

Another visitor from Sweden, Helen Roos,
Karimba, and her new bitch Sunny,
Kenset Suddanly Phoenix

BIS Winston

Winners dog


BIS Ch Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin

Pippi is doing the sit stay and I had to walk all the way around the ring!

Gali on the sit stay

Gali has to sit and wait for the recall

Gali in rally doing "270 right"

Gali in doing "call front"


Down (I just love her contact)

Pippi in "weave"



The start for Pippi's second run. They have buckets with the same colors as on the jackets and you have to be in front of them.
The field master asks if you are ready. You have to use a slip lead and no collar on the dog during the run.

BOS Ch Meisterhaus Happy Hour at Signet

BW Jasiri-Sukari Just My Style